Online Reel

Recent thirty-second spots directed and shot by Jon Fauer.
Best viewed with Quicktime 6.    Double-click on the spot you want to see.
For a complete 3/4", 1/2" or DVD of the reel, contact the Directors Network: 818-906-0006


Neutrogena "New"
Jennifer Love Hewitt

Aqualeader "Dolphins"

GNC  "Spa"

Golden Brau "Friends"
Keepsafe Quicktime Movie
Keepsafe "Hurricane"
Sears Quicktime :30
Sears "Card"
Pontiac Quicktime movie
Pontiac "Bonneville"
Genuardis Quicktime Movie :30
Genuardis "Family"
Coast Guard Rescue Quicktime :30
Coast Guard "Rescue"
Rickel Quicktime :30
Rickel "Our House"

NY World Trade Center
"Bobby Short: You're the Top"

Rhinocort "Aqua"

Neutrogena Japan "No"


USODA "Opti 30 Mb "


Shari Belafonte "Yo Tony"


USODA "Opt" iPhone M4V 25 Mb








Windows Media 9


Shari Belafonte "Pause"











Shari Belafonte "Yo Tony"

Shari Belafonte "Pause"




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