Arriflex 16 SR3 Camera System Film Series

The Book and Three VHS Video Tapes in a Custom Slipcover
Camera Assistance in a Case

The Arriflex 16 SR3 Book is accompanied by three VHS video tapes (all shot with Arriflex 16 SR3 cameras in Super16).
The tapes feature real crews in real situations, and supplement the text as a complete resource on the
16 SR3 Camera System, available for reference and review.

The tapes cover the following topics:

1.        Arriflex 16 SR3: INTRO

This award-winning short subject introduces the camera system.
It is available free with the purchase of Arriflex 16 SR3: The Book,
as part of the complete set, or by contacting Arriflex marketing.


Cine Gold Eagle

Telly Award

New York Festivals
Best Cinematography
A day in the life of the 16 SR3 camera system
across North America: on location,
in studios, hand-held, remote controlled, underwater
and in the air. (8 min.)
CINDY Gold Award

      Storyboard: still frames from Intro

      Scenes from the award-winning film

      Opening sequence, shot at the Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables.
      16 SR3 with on-board battery, finder extender, studio follow focus.
      The camera still fits in an attache case. Here it's being x-rayed at Denver International Airport, inside a Tundra waterproof case. Note the detail: lens elements, individual cells in the battery.
      Bill Bennett, Director of Photography, takes a meter reading in the Mojave Desert on a car shoot using 535 and 16 SR3 cameras. Lenses and accessories are interchangeable.
      Don Blackburn lines up shot through finder.
      Art Director asks Blackburn "does the shot have to be 'dutched' like this?"
      Blackburn answers "but you asked for it that way, Dave."
      Art Director asks "well, can we do it both ways?"
      Anguished cries from Bennett and crew "not enough time, the sun is going down."
      An amused Jeff Laszlo, camera operator
      Camera cars from Dean Goldsmith and Alan Pedelford
      shooting at Kern County Airport, Mojave
      Pat Longman shooting from Al Guthery's Twinstar over Miami.
      Close encounter with sea turtle in Florida Keys.
      Zero Gravity jib arm shooting product shot with Probe lens at Film/Video in Denver
      Wolfgang Bayer and Tristan Bayer in the Tetons, Wyoming
      Waiting with 16 SR3 and 150-600 zoom
      Plugging in a Mac Powerbook with its Arriflex LCC program
      Nick Smeloff shooting at the summit of Vail, CO
      Rusty Geller, SR3 and Steadicam on the set of "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman."
      One of the three SR3 cameras on set
      Three electronic slates, no waiting.
      Director of Photography Jon Fauer





2.     Arriflex 16 SR3: CAMERA PREP

A detailed exploration of the 16 SR3 camera
presented by real camera assistants during a rental-house checkout.
(Approx. 45 min.)

      Topics include:

      Basics of Camera Checkout
      Camera Cases
      3 Ways to Mount the Camera
      Power Sources, Cables
      On-Board Batteries
      Powering Up the Camera
      Main Camera Display
      The 6 LCD Display Modes
      Default Camera Speeds
      Regular16 or Super16 Format
      Fiber Optic Viewing Screen
      Viewing Screen Focus
      Setting Diopter
      Timing Test
      ARRIGLOW and Lightmeter
      Adjusting Mirror Shutter Angle
      Video Assist
      24V to 12V DC Converter
      Anti-Flicker Processor
      Frame Store
      Adjustment of Video Assist
      Mounting Lens and Rods
      PL to Bayonet Adapter
      16 SR3 vs Highspeed 16 SR3
      Eyepiece and Finder Extender
      Orienting and Adjusting Finder
      Eyepiece Heater
      Attaching Magazines
      Scratch Test
      Checking and Setting Up Lens
      Lens Care
      Checking the Gate
      Loading Mags in Changing Tent
      Loading Mags in Darkroom
      AC Kits, Tips and Tools
      Wrapping Up

3.      Arriflex 16 SR3: CAMERA SETUP

The next step: setting up the camera and all its accessories on the job.
On the set of "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman," in the Mojave Desert for a car commercial,
and on location with a variety of different shoots. A tour of advanced features and accessories.

(Approx. 44 min.)

      Beginning of Day Setup
      "Building" the Camera
      User tips
      Advanced Features
      The System
      ARRIHEAD 2
      Camera Trucks
      Review: Main Camera Display
      Setting the 6 Modes
      Remote Control Unit (RCU)
      Laptop Camera Controller (LCC)
      Iris Control Unit (ICU)
      RCU + ICU
      Speed - Aperture Ramps
      Lens Control System (LCS)
      Color-Coding and Labeling Cables
      Shared Accessories
      16 SR3, 535, 535A and 435
      External Sync Unit (ESU)
      Video Anti-Flicker
      Using Framestore
      Non-Linear Postproduction
      Timecode Theory
      Electronic Slates
      Jam-syncing the Camera
      Timecode on the 16 SR3

      Storyboard: still frames from Prep and Setup

      Arriflex 16 SR3 Camera Prep and Setup

      Still frames from the films

      Jon Ercole, host of Camera Prep and Camera Setup. "The first thing you should do is get a good cup of coffee."
      First AC Jeff Norvet on location for "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman."
      Roland "Ozzie" Smith, Director of Photography on Dr. Quinn
      Fisher Light at South Bay Studios, prior to Bill Russell's demo on setting up the 16 SR3


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