Excerpts from Arriflex 16SR3: The Book


Two Minute Refresher Course

Here's a quick chart comparing features of the previous models with the new 16 SR3.

16 SR1

16 SR2

16 SR3


12 12 24

mirror shutter

180 180 45, 90, 135, 144, 172.8, 180


bayonet bayonet PL

analog dial on magazine

footage exposed footage exposed timecode sensitivity


change finder change finder integral video



Standard 16 Standard 16 Standard / Super16


ARRIGLOW, Timecode, Computer Interface


externally variable
externally variable
Direct input of all speeds,
crystal accurate to 1/1000 fps



12lb (5.5kg) 11lb (5kg) 13.5lb (6.1kg)

sound level

28 db 24 db 20 db

finder xtndr

10x 10x 10/17x magnifier



5-75 fps 5-75 fps 5-75 fps


symmetrical symmetrical symmetrical


black black grey w/ black grip

highspeed model

10-150 fps

grey mags

10-150 fps

grey mags

5-150 fps

grey mags with
black rubber grip + "HS"

size (l x h x w)

(viewfinder horizontal)

264 x 195 x 160mm

10.4 x 7.7 x 6.3"

264 x 195 x 160mm

10.4 x 7.7 x 6.3"

264 x 195 x 172mm

10.4 x 7.7 x 6.8"

16 SR1 and 2 cameras have been modified to Super16 with 172.8 shutters, and PL mounts.

The World's Worst Camera Assistant

from Introduction to Arriflex 16 SR3 Book

The World’s Worst Assistant--a mythological character of monumental ineptitude--was born on a particularly difficult shoot in the Caribbean.

Conditions were not friendly to people or cameras: sand, salt water, wind, heat, bugs. We had dug a large hole in the beach to get a low angle. Water was filling the hole faster than we could bail.

As the water reached high-tide level and tempers achieved similar heights--especially mine--using my equipment, against all better judgment never to bring ones own new package on tropical beach jobs--it was at that moment when Scott Rathner, our excellent camera assistant, wondered how the world’s worst assistant would cope in such a dreadful situation.

"I’d like to change my airplane reservation right now to an aisle seat," he called out to the already-harassed AD.

"And while you’re at it," Scott added, "can you change my hotel room so I can have a king-size bed?"

Since then, the exploits of the World’s Worst Assistant have become legendary.

Many of the tales have been true, unfortunately. We never cease to be amazed at what really goes on out there. The assistant who tried to loosen a stuck lens with a huge hammer. The production assistant who left the camera truck parked unattended in the world’s worst neighborhood to make a phone call, and was surprised when the entire package had been stolen by the time he returned. The assistant who put film in the gate--emulsion side in.

You’ve probably worked with Arriflex Cameras for the last twenty years.

No doubt, you’ve already used the latest generation cameras.

But, since every reader of the Arriflex books will have a different level of expertise, Jon Fauer's books assume the worst, and are written for The World’s Worst Assistant -- as well as the best Assistants, Cinematographers, Producers, Rental House Personnel and Film Students.


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