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435 Book

Page 28:  In addition to being sure to ship the 435 with the lens cap on, be sure the movement is closed and the magazine cover is on. (Thanks to Oli Laperal).

Page 45:  Rusty Gates suffered a flesh wound, not a flesh would. (Oli Laperal).

Page 295: Oops--typo. ARRI's address is Tuerkenstrasse 89.

16 SR3 Book

Page 185, third paragraph from top:

On the 11 Pin Fischer receptacles, pin 9 is ground (not pin 1 as written).
The pin-out is correctly shown on page 254.
(Thanks to Marc Shipman-Mueller for pointing this out)


First, Second Edition, page 131:

Pinouts of 24 volt connector are flipped: For Arriflex cameras, pin 1 is ground (-), pin 2 is +24 volts DC.
For Panaflex cameras, pin 1 is +24 volts DC, and pin 2 is ground (-).

Third Edition (Focal Press), page 143: 

Schematic is correct, but the note in the box below should read:

Note: The 3-pin 24 volt XLR receptacle on ARRI Batteries are wired differently from Panavision Batteries.
ARRI: pin 1 is ground; pin 2 is plus (+).
Panavision: pin 1 is plus (+); pin 2 is ground (-).

Make up a polarity reversing cable if you use the same batteries on both systems.

(thanks to Hans Hansson for catching this)


All Books

The ARRI agent for Australia in no longer John Barry Group but is now: 
Cine AustralAsia
3/297 Ingles Street
Port Melbourne  Victoria 3207 
 tel: 03 9646 6646    fax: 03 9646 6648

435 Book

Pinouts PDF Adobe Acrobat file


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