recent awards

Best Director: ITS Monitor Award
Best Cinematography: Int'l Film Festival
Best Cinematography: NY Festivals
Gold Cindy Award
Cine Gold Eagle
Worldmedal: NY Festivals
Telly Award

Jon Fauer



Aqualeader                            Dolphins

ARRI                                      16SR3     Intro

AT&T                                    Value

Blistex                                    Closer to Perfection: Heidi Klum

Bodyglove                              Windsurfing                                                    

Bon Ton                                  Fashion

Buick                                      Test Track                                                                            

Buick                                      Classic

Buick                                      Park Avenue 

Buick                                      Quality

Canon                                     McEnroe-Easy to Handle

Clairol                                    Real, Dawn  
Coast Guard                           Night Rescue

Coast Guard                           Oil Spill 

Country Inn                            Cheese

Deptford                                 Real Thoughts

European Drinks                    Gabriella Szabo (Olympic Gold 5K)

                                                Wonder Spring (Kids)

Evian                                      Ultralite                                                         

Fuji                                        Mountain Bikes   (winner BOLI)                        

Genuardi’s                             Family, Up-Country, Community

GNC                                       Bone, Calcium, Science, Rust

Golden Brau                           Friends

Hartmarx                                Jack Nicklaus‑‑Competition 

Kia                                          Rio

Macy’s                                   Thanksgiving Campaign, Christmas Campaign

May D&F                               Fashion

MCI                                        Skyline

Mervyn’s                                50th Anniversary

Mitsubishi                             Montero                                                

NBC                                        Mary Lou Retton

Neutrogena                            No           Jennifer Love Hewitt

                                                New        Jennifer Love Hewitt

Nikon                                      F4                                                      

NOMA                                   Lawn Tractor - Home Depot

Phisoderm                              Jackson Hole

Pontiac                                   Bonneville 40th Anniversary Campaign         

Porcelana                               Anniversary

Recordbar                               campaign

Reynolds                                Hot Bags - Betty & Sue

Rhinocort                               Aqua (Astra Zeneca)

Rickel                                     Our House

Sears                                       Bob Vila Craftsman Campaign

Sears                                       The Card

Snickers                                 World Cup

Sony                                        Music    

Susquehanna                          Blues, Kids

Timex                                     Catamaran Sailing 

United Nations                      Human Rights

USDA                                     Soybeans

Virtua Healthcare                 Babies

World Trade Center              Bobby Short: You’re the Top



 Director / Cameraman 

Title Sequences: Features and Television

Remo Williams, The Adventure Begins      Title Sequence
Rage of Angels II                                            NBC Mini-Series. Title Sequence
Mafia Princess                                                 NBC Mini-Series. Title Sequence
Cocktail                                                             Title Sequence
Angie                                                                 Title/Opening Sequence

Theatrical Short Subjects

Conspicuous Consumption                             Theatrical
I'd Like To Teach the World to Sing               Coca Cola 10 minute Theatrical
Look Up America                                                Coca Cola
Creating an  American Classic                          Buick 6 minute short
ARRI Close-UP                                                   GOLD CINDY Award
ARRI  Intro                                                          8 Minute Short, many awards 

Documentaries and Specials

WILD WATER                                                    Kayaking. Winner , CINE Gold Eagle
F.D.R.                                                                    ABC 3 Hour Special. CHRIS Award
Mid-Atlantic                                                        National Geographic Special
Losey on Film                                                      PBS Documentary
Smithsonian World                                             Series 
American Sportsman                                          North Pole, New Zealand, Skiing 
ABC Close-Up                                                     series
60 Minutes                                                           series
20/20                                                                      series
Omni, The New Frontier                                     PBS
Traveling Hopefully                                            ACLU
A Gift of Land                                                      World Bank: Guatemala

Director of Photography

Features and Television

Bonfire of the Vanities		Title Sequence	Warner Bros.
All the Right Moves	       	2nd Unit DP 	2Oth Century Fox
So Fine			        2nd Unit DP	Warner Brothers
Top of the Hill	            	2nd Unit DP	Paramount
Manhattan Project		2nd Unit DP	Gladden
Thin Ice			2nd Unit DP	CBS Movie 
Flamingo Kid			2nd Unit DP	ABC Productions
Jumpin' Jack Flash		2nd Unit DP	20th Century Fox
Cocktail			Title sequence	Touchstone
Splash				2nd Unit DP 	Disney
The Protector			DP		Madison World 	
Days and Nights of Molly Dodd	Title Sequence	Lifetime
One Police Plaza		Title Sequence	CBS Entertainment
Attic Suite			DP		Laurel Ent. Series pilot.
Ursa Minor			DP		Laurel Entertainment   
Ring Around the Redhead	        DP		Laurel Entertainment   
Tales from the Darkside		DP		Television Series


Director of Photography

Acura, Ajax, Air Force, Aramis, Arco, AT&T, Bell Atlantic, Black & Decker, Bon Ton,
Bounty, Bowery, BP, Breyers, Budweiser, Buick, Burger King, Canon, Cascade, CBS,
Chevrolet, Chrysler, Iacocca, Citibank, Clairol, CNN, Coast Guard, Coca Cola, Crest, Dermasil,
Disney World, Dresdner Bank, Dunlop, Maxfli, Eagle Snacks, Edge Gel, Epcot, First Fidelity Bank,
Folgers, Fuji Bikes, Gatorade, GE, Germaine Monteil, Gillette, Gillian Fashions, GNC, Goodrich,
Hallmark, Hardee's, Hershey, Honda, ITT, Ivory, Johnson & Johnson, Kelloggs,
K-Mart, Kraft, Krupps, Lifetime, Macy's, May D&F, McDonalds, MCI, Mercedes,
Mirabella, Mitsubishi, Nabisco, Navy, Nikon, NOMA, NY Telephone, Orange Crush,
Pennzoil, Phisoderm, Ponderosa, Ponds, Post Ceral, Radio Shack, Ralph Lauren Safari,
Rax, Red Lobster, Rickel, S.C. Johnson, Seapak, Seldane, Snickers, Sony, South Dakota Tourism,
Tennessee Tourism, Tide, Toyota, TWA, Tylenol, US West, Vaseline Intensive Care,
V-Tech, Wisconsin Bell, Yuban.
GNC, Pontiac, Mylanta, Pepsid, Orlando Science Museum, San Diego Zoo,
HiFi Buys, Jiffylube, Fisher Price, Acura, Air Force, Ajax (Italy), Alcoa, Amax Coal, American Aluminum Association, American Bridge Association, American Lung Association, Aramis, Arco, AT&T, Armstrong, Bell Atlantic, Bethlehem Steel, Black & Decker, Bon Ton, Bowery Savings Bank, BP, Breyers, Budweiser, Buick , Burger King, Canon, Cascade, Casio, CBS, Chevrolet, Chrysler Iacocca , Citibank, Clairol, CNN, Coast Guard, Combustion Engineering, Con Edison, Consumer Electronics Association, Coca Cola, Crest, Dermasil, Disney World, Dresdner Bank, Duke Power, Dunlop Maxfli, Duracell, Eagle Snacks, Eastern Airlines, Edge Gel, Epcot, Eveready, First Fidelity Bank, Folgers, Foster Parents Plan, Fuji Bikes, Gatorade, GE, Germaine Monteil, Gillian, GM, GNC, Goodrich, Hallmark, Hardee’s, Hershey, Honda, IBM, ITT, Ivory, Johnson & Johnson, Kelloggs, K-Mart, Kraft, Krupps, Lifetime, Macy’s, May D&F , McDonalds, MCI, Mercedes, Mirabella, Mitsubishi, Nabisco, Navy, Nikon, NOMA, NY Telephone, NYNEX, Orange Crush, Pan Am, Pennwalt, Pennzoil, Pepsi-Cola, Phisoderm, Ponderosa, Ponds, Post Cereal, Radio Shack, Ralph Lauren Safari, Rax, Red Lobster, Rickel, Rolls Royce, S.C. Johnson, Seapak, Seldane, Silkience (South America), Smith Barney, Snickers, Sony, South Dakota , Southern Company, Sunbeam, Tennessee Tourism, Tide, Toyota, TWA, Tylenol, USSteel, US West, V-Tech, Wisconsin Bell, Xerox, Yuban Coffee


Celebrities Filmed

Jennifer Love Hewitt               Neutrogena
Gabriela Szabo                         European Drinks Mineral Water
Heidi Klum                                 Blistex
Naomi Campbell                         Macy’s
Kim Nye                                     Ralph Lauren, Safari
Bernadette Peters                        Annie Get Your Gun - Broadway Musical
Jacqueline Smith                         K-Mart
Kathy Ireland                                 K-Mart
Lillian Gish                                     Tales from the Darkside
Brenda Vaccaro                                             "
Christie Brinkley                             Lifetime Network
Priscilla Presley                             Comeback
Edward Woodward                                 "
Darryl Hannah                                 Splash
Tom Hanks                                         "
Jamie Lee Curtis                             Trading Places
Eddie Murphy                                             "
Dan Aykroyd                                                 "
Ralph Bellamy                                             "
Don Ameche                                                "
Blair Brown                                     Days and Nights of Molly Dodd
Kate Jackson                                     Thin Ice
Lea Thompson                                 All the Right Moves
Demi Moore                                     St. Elmos Fire
Andie McDowell                                         “
Arnold Palmer                                 Pennzoil
Jack Nicklaus                                     Hartmarx
John McEnroe                                 Canon Cameras 
Bobby Short                                     Top of the World Trade Center
Joan Lunden                                     Vaseline Intensive Care
Karen Assante                                 Vaseline Intensive Care
Armand Assante                             I, The Jury
Mary Lou Retton                             NBC
Peter Jennings                                 ABC
David Brinkley                                 ABC
Jimmy Carter                                     PBS
Gerald Ford                                         PBS
Edmund Muskie                                 Campaign commercials
Natalia Makarova                             Ballet
Rachel Lee Cook                             Lux




Textbooks on Cinematography  

Shooting Digital Video                          (Focal Press)

Arriflex 435 Book                                    (ARRI)

Arriflex 35 Book                                      (Focal Press)

ARRI 35 Book                                          (ARRI)

The 16SR Book                                        (ARRI)

Arriflex 16 SR3: The Book                     (ARRI)

Arriflex 16SR Book                                 (Focal Press)


Member: ASC, DGA, ICG, Explorers Club
Dartmouth College           B.A. Art History (honors)
Collegiate School


Special skills

Expert Skier
Sailing (USCG)
Scuba (NAUI)

Languages: fluent French, German, Swiss German
some Italian, Spanish


Jon Fauer has been shooting films since he was 8 years old. He attended Collegiate School in New York, the Universite de Lausanne, Switzerland and graduated with degrees in Art and Film from Dartmouth College. His mentors were director Joseph Losey, Director of Photography Andrew Laszlo, ASC, film historian/distributor Arthur Mayer, and writer/director Maurice Rapf. With a grant from public television, he collaborated with Losey on an hour television documentary called "Losey on Film."

His first major film, Wildwater, commissioned by the U.S. Kayak Team, featured the World Whitewater Championships in Italy. The film, and the numerous awards it won, led to documentaries around the world: skiing, kayaking, and action adventure specials for ABC, PBS, American Sportsman, and National Geographic in the jungles of Guatemala, the mountains of New Zealand, and the Altiplano of Bolivia; from the North Pole to the Chesapeake. His work led to membership in The Explorers Club of New York.

Jon Fauer became a camera operator when Andy Laszlo asked him if he could ski backwards with a camera. However, the film was mainly about bob-sledding and love, which qualified him as a busy camera operator on many features for the next five years. When Jon changed his card to Director of Photography, he shot commercials, features, and television films.

He has won many awards for his work, including Best Cinematography at the NY Festivals, Gold Camera Award for Best Cinematography at the US International Film Festival, CINE Gold Eagles, CINDY Golds, Tellies, BOLI's, Chris's, and Worldmedals. He is author of three best-selling books on cinematography: Arriflex 16SR3: The Book, The 16SR Book and The Arriflex 35 Book.

He is a member of the American Society of Cinematographers, Directors Guild of America, Explorers Club

Download credits as Adobe Acrobat PDF file


Jon Fauer is represented by:

The Directors Network
12401 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA 91604
tel: 818-506-3696
fax: 818-506-4662

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